Maison D’argan

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Maison D’argan is the home of ethically sourced & organic pure Moroccan Argan oil.

We produce 100% pure, organic and ethical argan oil direct from the Berber villages of Morocco. By working directly with local communities in Morocco, we empower Berber women to become breadwinners for their families by producing the prized liquid gold we call Argan Oil. 

Maison D’argan was founded by the Ahmed family

The Ahmed family visited Morocco again and again for many years; fascinated by the culture, language and unique agriculture of the North African continent. Argan Oil became a prized souvenir for the family, it's remedy ranging from scars and dry skin to teenage acne.

As the worldwide demand for the scarce cosmetic Argan Oil began to grow; the incentive for unscrupulous suppliers to sell impure variants of the precious Argan Oil also grew.

Motivated to share this slice of Moroccan culture, the family spotted an opportunity to enrich the rest of the world with this rare, precious oil in it's pure form. And so, Maison D’argan was formed with ethics, purity and organic ingredients at the core of it's brand values. Maison D’argan empowers Berber women, who now use their ancestral artisanal handicraft to provide for their children and families. Equally, Maison D’argan now embodies the home of unadulterated, ethically sourced and organic Argan Oil.

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