Argan Oil - Gold That Grows On Trees!

The process of producing this rare oil in it's pure form is meticulous and demanding. However, Moroccan women are up for the challenge, after all, the production of Argan Oil allows them to become breadwinners for their families.

The tree which produces the Argan fruit is called Argania Spinosa. A ancient and scarce species, the Argan tree can survive as much as 250 years and is endemic to the Western region of Morocco. By supporting Berber women, we also enable reinvestment into continuing plantations of the endangered UNESCO protected Argan tree so that the world may continue to reap it's rewards. Equally, going back to the Berber people, some 2-3 million people rely on the Argan tree as a source of income, the majority being the poorest of Moroccan Berbers.

The seeds of the Argan tree are usually collected after they fall in the late summer. They are cracked open to reveal the innermost shell and once again to finally extract the Argan nut. It must finally be cold-pressed before it transforms into the nourishing, absorbent golden liquid that we use today on our hair, face and body.

The Dazzling Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair, Face & Body

The Science Behind The Golden Miracle

·       Argan oil is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid which provide strong moisturizing and absorbent properties

·       Argan oil has high levels of Vitamin E, this contains powerful antioxidants that firms, nourishes and softens skin & hair

·       Argan oil is strong in Vitamin A, this contains anti-inflammatory properties which hydrates and protects sensitive skin & hair

The Magic Of Argan Oil – How To Use


Argan oil is non-greasy, non-irritating and absorbs easily, which makes it an ideal moisturiser for your face. Argan oil is also enriched with anti-inflammatory properties which help repair damaged, dry, cracked, irritated or healing skin, in particular it is effective in tackling burns, scars, eczema and acne. Finally, Argan Oil is also great wintertime remedy for dry lips - just use a few drops for silky smooth lips!


Argan oil hydrates roots and provides vital strength to brittle and dry hair. High Vitamin E content prevents fizz, split ends and adds ravishing shine and velvet softness to hair, making it a great organic natural hair conditioner. A little bit of Argan Oil massaged into hair after a shower makes hair effortless to style, bringing back a soft youthful glow from root to tip.


Argan oil is packed with antioxidants, which improve skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and sagging skin. These unique properties make Argan Oil perfect for massages and particularly beneficial for dry or calous heels, feet or hands. 

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