7 Ways To Know Your Argan Oil Is Pure

7 Ways To Know Your Argan Oil Is Pure

December 29, 2017

Since the rise of consumer demand for Argan Oil for cosmetic use, the incentive to sell cheap knock offs of this precious oil has increased tenfold. It it therefore vital that you remain educated in a market full of "cowboy" online sellers claiming to providing "Pure Argan Oil."

Unsurprisingly, Morocco currently exports two times the amount Argan Oil than the Argan trees could actually produce, so without further ado, let's take you on the road to becoming a discerning Argan Oil expert in just 7 tips!

1. The contents should be "100% Pure Argan Oil"

Nothing more, nothing less. This is not going to guarantee what's inside is actually Pure Argan Oil, but it's a good start.

2. The bottle should be dark coloured glass or metal

It's surprising how much commercial Argan Oil is sold by cosmetics companies in clear or coloured plastic bottles often to cut costs or display it's natural golden colour. Either way, direct sunlight deteriorates the quality of Argan oil. So much so, Argan Oil loses some of it's unique properties like Vitamin E, Omega 6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid as light breaks them down. Why bother?

3. Price

If it sounds too good to be true, usually it probably is! And when it comes to Argan Oil, you don't want to rubbing diluted rubbish onto your skin and hair - it deserves better! for 100ml steer away from cheap, unestablished brands from an online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon that have no connection to the source of the oil - Berber women in Morocco.

4. The scent

Real cosmetic Argan oil has almost no smell. Cosmetic argan oil differs from the culinary kind in that it is cold-pressed instead of roasted. As a rule of thumb, your Argan Oil should not have a strong nutty smell. You should avoid using Argan Oil that smells extremely nutty for cosmetic use. This may well be the culinary variant which releases a more nutty aroma as it's heated. It's cheaper to produce the culinary oil, and cheaper to mix Argan oil with other cooking oils. Buyers - beware!

5. The texture and absorption

Real pure Argan Oil is non-greasy, extremely smooth and nourishing. Within seconds with a few rubs it should disappear into skin and hair effortlessly. If it's greasy and requires much effort to absorb, you may be onto a fake!

6. The colour

Pure cosmetic Argan Oil is a bright gold with an orange tint to it, much like the colour of Maison D'argan.

7. Let the results speak for themselves!

Try out Maison D'argan's Pure Argan Oil directly from the Western Berber villages of Morocco and you will find it hard to resist loving our product. Nothing comes in between our Pure Argan Oil and our customer. Give it a try on your skin and hair!

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